The Gedliyahlekisa curse.

Earlier this week S.A citizens were given the hope of having a new President or rather an acting Pres. Things didn’t go as we all wished and hoped for.

The enemy proved to be bigger than the country.

As if we had fun with all that, an ANC official MDUDUZI MANANA assault two women at the club in Johannesburg. Again the Party fails the country.

Voting for change in 2019 must not be about race or loyalty. It must be about the growth of the economy, It must also be about saving the dignity of this country.

The only solution to this madness is to put the Party to rest. They all proved that they need some time out. From Women’s league to Members of the Parliament. They all keep disgracing the country. At the end all roads leads to one man JACOB GEDLIYAHLEKISA ZUMA.

It turns out, everything JZ touches turns to corruption. E.g BATHABILE DLAMINI she is not only thinking like Zuma she is also drinking like his brain.




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